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10/2/2015, 6:09 AM:
I think it as one of the most admirable things.
- John Puffey , Phoenix, Arizona

12/30/2013, 3:28 AM:
The most amazing place I have ever been. Like walking into a novel where all the characters are deeply interesting and the setting is never anything less than captivating and enthralling. Thank you Alex for the kind welcome Into your warm amazing home.
- Thomas J Carrieri , San Francisco, Ca

12/17/2012, 4:01 PM:
whoops. missed the cars first time around your site.
- kurmat , gardner, il

12/17/2012, 3:59 PM:
could you post pictures of the classic cars in your collection?
- kurmat , gardner, il

12/17/2012, 1:19 PM:
Seen ya all judge mathis.....interesting! Had to check you out..
- suzzie , pa

12/1/2012, 6:09 AM:
Gemini manor is an exraordinary place, run by an extraordinary guy, and attended by some very cool folk... Thank you Alex for opening up this place for us to gather.
- Nancy S , Agoura Hills, CA

4/8/2012, 5:29 AM:
I've been coming to Gemini off and on for close to 20 years. Honestly- I how can I describe what this place has meant to me- the adventures, the experiences, the amazing friendshps that started here. It's truly an amazing hidden gem in the sometimes depressing sprawl of Los Angeles.
- peter , Santa Monica, CA

1/30/2012, 3:50 PM:
I just love this place!! Everyone is so friendly!! Our host, Alexander Lehr is so a wonderful, generous, amazing man! The manor is so unique with so many cool items from years gone by. Your eyes can't take it all in on one visit!! I always see something new every time I go to the fun parties! One must come to one of the many parties to see this unique fun Manor. I like to call it Disneyland on Acid!!! LOL
- Marisa Kat , Rancho Cucamonga, CA

1/25/2012, 9:48 PM:
Gemini Manor parties are, for me, a splendid whimsical ride of music, dance, and great conversation with friends and delightful strangers!
- Alec Marken , Mission Viejo, CA

5/9/2011, 10:29 PM:
I would Like to see a virtual walk through your wonderful rooms! and more videos from your past events and parties. Magic
- Magic , Ontario, CA

4/4/2011, 10:15 PM:
I had the opportunity to visit Gemini Manor during my first week in LA and I am so grateful that I was invited to this magical world of art, spirits, gentle souls, singing, laughing and revelry. The manor is decorated with incredible collectables and exquisite vision. Every room has a unique flavour and in one of the parlours there was live music and in another gazebo style room there was a reading by Marrus. It touched me very much and I'm really looking forward to returning.
- Stephanie Alexander , San Fernando, CA


12/20/2010, 4:11 AM:
This was my first time at this wonderful place, and it was magnificent keep up the good work Alex!!!!!!!!!
- ROBERT JONES , panarama city, ca

9/24/2010, 7:27 PM:
i will probably be there with my djembie drum and a flamenco guitarist. these parties are cool and you never know. It is great that these parties still exist and there sold always be more.. blessings
- dave norwoods , mission hills, CA

 4/30/2010, 11:23 AM:
"Oasis is oasis in any language." Be seeing you.
- -Robert Dante- , Minneapolis, MN

4/30/2010, 11:23 AM:
"Oasis is oasis in any language." Be seeing you.
- -Robert Dante- , Minneapolis, MN

4/20/2010, 3:40 PM:
Hi Alex, I'm so sorry to hear about Lisa. I just found out through your website. I'd known Lisa for over 30 years when we both worked on Melrose. She was one of my first haircut clients. The last time I saw her was when I cut and colored her hair last year. That must have been shortly before she passed. Lisa was one of the nicest people I've ever known and although we didn't see much of each other through the years, the idea that she's not among us anymore saddens me to no end. However, I know how much she loved you and I know that you contributed so much to her happiness. Please know that I'm thinking about her and may she rest in peace. Joanne
- Joanne , L.A., CA.

3/9/2010, 1:22 PM:
Alex, I just saw here the news about Lisa passing. Michelle and I extend to you our most sincere regrets on your loss. She was a wonderful, sensitive and sensible person and her wore her devotion to you on her sleeve. I know she will be missed.
- Brett & Michelle , Burbank, CA

1/22/2010, 2:16 PM:
Alex, Thank you for creating a space where love, creativity, and entertainment meet. YOur website is awesome and I am often finding myself here feel fulfilled by the experience. Much love to you and your Garden ceremony...returning what grows to that which grows and grows and grows. The earth takes and takes and takes Alex and also gives and gives and give...fresh with life and being. Alex I'd love to connect on facebook or through my website
- sarah , la, ca

1/21/2010, 12:54 AM:
I've had a good time at every Gemini Manor party I have ever been to without exception. I've been to dozens. Alex, you have a talent for throwing parties.
- Emily Mayne


11/3/2009, 9:29 PM:
Alex, Lisa meant the world to me, and I will miss her dearly. I'm sending you strength during this very difficult time. Peace, Lp
- Lp

10/30/2009, 6:04 AM:
Hi Alex and all. I am so sorry to hear the news about lisa. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I nursed my Father in his last few months of cancer, and my present partner Grace, is recovering from breast cancer. I know what you are going through. Stay strong, Lisa will always be around in the background making sure all is well. The 1999 Burning Man trip where we all met will allways have a very special place in my heart. I am proud to be on the burning van pic. Part of such an incredible bunch of friends. Peace love unity respect, plur JP.
- John Paterson , London

5/23/2009, 8:34 AM:
Hi Alex, Remember me? Burning Man 1999. Ex Husband of Genevieve. I suddenly realize that messages from EdElkin were going to my junk filter. Firstly my best regards to you all, I have been browsing your web site, and I see the Pic of us all at BM 1999 that's me holding the end of the flag. I have very precious memories of my 2 years in California, and there is no doubting that if I had stayed married for one more year and had my green card I would still be there. Gemini Manor was a wonderful experience, as was meeting some real cool people there. It's nice to know you are still hosting events and when I get to visit LA again, which I must, I miss it. It will be a priviledge and a pleasure to come visit the Manor and catch up with you all. Peace Love unity and respect. My very best regards to your good self and Lisa. Johnboy.
- John Alexander Paterson , London

5/23/2009, 7:50 AM:
Right on another party at gemini!!!!!! Can't wait!
- Fox , Long Beach, CA

5/22/2009, 9:31 AM:
I cannot wait to return to the realm of Gemini Manor! Thanks Alex for inviting us. Can抰 wait to see friends and Gemini family again.
- Sunny Eclipse , Hollywood, CA


9/23/2008, 7:49 PM:
Just checking in, making sure everything is OK. Stay well, Alex and all the denizens of The Manor. We hope to see you again soon.
- Mark , Silicon Valley, CA

2/8/2008, 1:56 PM:
Whats next on the list of upgrades Alex?
- jackspot , S.F., ca


9/10/2007, 9:32 PM:
thank you alex and lisa for inviting me to your incredible gemini manor. only in your farthest imagination would you believe that a place like this and people like this still exist. who knew?? wonderfully fun and enlighteningly joyous and beyond magical. visiting brought back so much of the era of the 60's where people connected and shared good will, good vibes,creativity,laughter and left their mortal problems at the door. I adored it.the creative minds the sights,the rooms,the art,the environment and the sharing. stimulating,fun and almost nirvanaesque. i look forward to the burning man party sept 15th and sharing your incredible experience with others who'll enjoy it as much as i did. it was so far out and trippy , exhilaratingly freeing, like a fellini movie and peter sellers comedy --with a bit of the trip and easy rider meets san francisco sausalito and early venice. what a time it was, it was.still. great crowd..very heavy, fun and warm friendly good vibes, feel like you never want to leave....... the sixties live..i came i saw and i loved it. peace and hugs from lynne and the other mariposa street chows the geminimanor is a real trip in itself
- lynne , burbank rancho, ca

9/6/2007, 9:53 PM:
Gemini Manor is one of those places you love to keep coming back to. It is never the same and always engaging and intriguing. You meet the most wonderful people and the host is always gracious and caring for his guests.
- Mark , Silicon Valley, CA

9/4/2007, 1:10 PM:
There is absolutely nothing that can compare to Gemini Manor. It truly is a magical place of fairies, cats and laughter. It is a place where time seems to stand still and sleep is forgotten.
- SierraNightTide , Los Angeles, CA

5/28/2007, 8:18 PM:
Hey Alex! That party last night was the Bomb! Thank you so much for having me over. I met so many cool people there, and silly people, I love it. Can't wait 'til July it's gonna be Awesome. THANKS
- Brandy Owens , North Hollywood, CA

5/16/2007, 5:13 AM:
Hey Alexander it's Sundance from the Sundance and Mona and Mike circle. How's it going? Well the reason I'm here is to ask a little consideration of a favor. Bo ngrip of Ma rijuana the Band dot com runs a Bong TV Internet Webcast of his adventures courtesy of Userplane. He's a Medical Mariju ana Patient and legalization activist, as our most of us interactive users. This vid chat we use allows us all to webcast and have formed a community. All of us are dying for a place to meet and I was wondering if you would be interested in hosting an event? Well hit me back at and I'm looking forward to the next time I get to hang with you guys. Unfortunately Mona moved away to Texas. Oh well. I went to visit her over new years and had a great time. Well time to medicate cause my back is killing me. If you think this will be seen by the wrong people just go ahead and delete but do write me back.
- Sundance Bekinnie , RESEDA, CA

4/28/2007, 1:03 AM:
Alex - I love coming over to Gemini Manor - it's always fun and the people are great!! Thank you for all of your efforts in making it a fun place for all of us! hugs, marina :)
- Marina V , Los Angeles, CA


8/30/2006, 11:35 PM:
I wanted to thank you for being such a good friend. Today marked the 20th anniversary of the party where I met the lovely lady with whom I now share my life. We love the look on people's faces when we explain we met at a party in Hollywood, and we lived 75 miles apart! I am proud to be your Webmaster, and I hope to continue our collaboration well into both our next careers. Best wishes in your latest venture!
- Mark Jaffe , San Jose, CA

8/2/2006, 1:23 PM:
Alex, thank you so much. i had such a wonderful time this past Sunday and look forward to returning. Hello to all you wonderful people that I met at Gemini as well. The combination of the visually intoxicating enviroment, the coziness of the house, the wide range of talent and warm people is a one of a kind experience. see ya soon!!!! triana
- Triana , Gardena, CA

7/3/2006, 12:44 AM:
Thank you Alex for sharing your wonderland. I had a great time jamming with your friends last night till 2:30, hope I did'nt cause any trouble for you from your neighbors. I definitly will visit again when I return from my Vegas Gig. I left my demo there for you on purpose to share with any who might dig it. Next time I come over I will bring this cool video that I know you will enjoy. I made it myself. Anyone who would like more info on my tribute to Jimi Hendrix can visit my website at Peace......Jimi
- Jimi Taylor , Canoga Park, CA

4/4/2006, 6:14 AM:
Hi, nice site! - Mamadshah , New York, New York


11/10/2005, 11:40 PM:
Hell-o there! So how are things going for you? I am the man with too much stuff from the walnut valley festival in winfield Kansas. Wondering if you are the ones that visited my camp Penguin Paradice well i have some good pictures and would like to send you a cd of some of the shots. Let me know and I would be glad to send them to ya. since then things are pretty heck tick going thru a divorce but all things must pass. well drop me a note and let me know if you would like some pictures and bye the way looks like you have a jolly good time in the Manor too bad it is so far away, maybe some day i can make it there. have a good one later craig
- craig staats (home of too much stuff) , Goddard, ks

9/7/2005, 7:54 PM:
The Sunday send off for Burningman was awsome;
very cool with the lovely ladiess tourching our own "BurningMan"
smaller then at Balck Rock but in perspective Impressive ---
and drumed with energy into a new demention. ~ James
- James~ Scorpio , LA/SunValley, CA

8/16/2005, 6:52 AM:
It is very gay.i hate writing reports about it, i can't even find information about Gemini. So i think that this is BUSH. >>>>> Michael McCubbin
- Michael McCubbin , leitchfield, ky

8/1/2005, 1:53 AM:
Nice site! Good work, thanks!!!
- Max , New York, NY

5/16/2005, 11:22 PM:
Hello Alex, I'm just checking in to see how your project is coming along? Fairy Blessings, Alexandria LaNier
- Alexandria La Nier , Corona, CA

3/2/2005, 4:38 PM:
The website looks great. I hope more and more people discover your ongoing art work as embodied in Gemini Manor.
- John Biondo , van nuys, ca

2/24/2005, 10:34 PM:
Alex is a dear friend. He's also a creative genius. I consider Alex a wonderful colleague whose creativity is the wind beneath so many wings. Keep inspiring and perhaps one of these days I'll make it to the Manor for a Russian Tea Party! Kisses & Hugs
- Oma


2/16/2004, 2:59 PM:
hell-oh!!howzit goings-on mariposa with the hostess and host with the motion that most others miss? a trillion kisses and hugs from the two love-bugs of gemini manor 2000. we love remembering our nest at 1343,the best is to see that you're still going strong and your song is more than an echo from the past YOU BURN THE NOW!! are chaplin and orangio still having their lovely affair? drop us line sometime you feel itchy to chat with your old friends aaron and nikki and we'll come and see you again can't say where or quite when but seattle is nice lotsa trees and snow mountains but ya cant beat the scene at the gemini fountains!!
- aaron&nikki , seattle, WA

2/15/2004, 12:55 AM:
Greetings... thank you so much for opening your house and your mind to let us come and play...i love exploring your house and never know what i might find around every corner and in every nook and cranny..I hope to be attending your "ladies choice" valentines part on the 15 of Feb and am looking forward to meeting new friends and finding new things in your amazing home....thank you so very much for letting us be ourselves and allowing us to explore your wonderful, magickal house...and here is to many more wonderful evenings!!!!! Blessings to you, Alex and to your home... Black Byrd (or kristan)
- Kristan or Blackbyrd , Fullerton, ca


11/21/2003, 5:24 PM:
Alex Will you be having a Salon Party this Sunday and can you put me back on your emailing list Due to the fact I have not recieved any update in quite awhile I look forward to hearing from you I know its not easy to get back to everyone But Please make an exceptiom w/ me I would like to come this Sunday if their is a SALON PARTY this Sunday SOOOOOO Let me know and THANKS...... Marlayne
- marlayne cohen , L.A., Ca.

8/12/2003, 2:10 PM:
Alex - I'd love to have your e-mail adress and phone number. Thanks. Happy Fullmoon - Lola
- Lola Babalon , Topanga

8/2/2003, 10:51 PM:
Deep within the caverns of my mind I always knew there was a secret place in the depth of Hollywood that has withstood the test of time. When I discovered Gemini Manor I was relieved to know I was not alone in my desire to be a creative nut. This special place has been a sacred ground of imagination and freedom for myself and many others. Free to let down my hair and dance in the rafters one Halloween Eve. Many a spark has flown thru the lustful air on a warm summer night at The Manor. Some say they never would have met any other way. Much thanks and warm hugs to the master of this magickal realm. We all love and appreciate you.
- Cathryn MacEllerhan , Sun Valley, Ca

7/11/2003, 1:20 AM:
The Manor escapes description. I know because I've tried and get reduced to a puzzled expression in the middle of an awkward silence. It's an experience that cannot be imitated or forged. No other place can so many different, fasinating people come together and just be. No judgements passed, no expectations, just great music, great conversation and great company! Alex has created a real gem.
- Tyler Soper , Los Angeles, CA

6/3/2003, 6:21 PM:
GEMINI MANOR is a cultural, spiritual, social melting pot that welcomes all breeds. The ambience comes ever more to life as you let yourself just BE.
I have met many wonderful and warm souls from all walks of life. Conversed with actors, musicians, doctors, strippers, blue collars, scholars, visitors from afar... the straight-laced and the far-fetched!
The music, the sights, the famous chili, the many rooms, and my favorite- the rooftop are all experiences to be had.
ALEXANDER is such a bright spirit. If you want to chat, you'll have to GRAB him as he runs past, though. This is because he is so busy making sure ALL are enjoying themselves, bless his gracious and beautiful heart!
Hugs like tomorrow's never coming...

- Annamaria, from somewhere in your dreams

6/2/2003, 5:19 PM:
I was first introduced to Alex, Lisa and The Manor at last years South seas Party. As I passed trough the walkway and i herd the music and the sounds of happiness I could feel a welcome change come over me. It Felt as if I found a new home and more of my missing family. Every visit after that has been a bit more Magical than the last. I knew I had to share this magic land with a few of my friends, then they told a few friends and so on. Alex and Lisa are two of the most generious and patient people I have ever meet. They have touched more lives then they will ever know and have inspired me to continue on the same path of love and empowerment to others even when that path gets very rough. i recomend a visit to anyone ready to pass through the looking glass and come find your happy place, here is where I found mine. Peace,Love and Power forever Robert Wills (thebob)

5/29/2003, 10:11 PM:
Hey Alex - I've been coming to your events since 1988, and they are still as fun as ever. Always a new crew and the old standards as well, making the mix an ongoing adventure. So great to hang out with the artistis types, participate in Burningman, and join the sing alongs. Keep up the wonderful themes and invitationals - you can always draw a crowd that's willing to participate in Life as Art. -
- Marci Javril , Marina del Rey, CA

5/26/2003, 4:45 AM:
The Gemini Manor? I've known of gatherings here for more than a year but never been till tonight, Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend in 2003. So we show up sometime after midnight to a party that's been going since 4pm and found this in the house of a very cool guy named Alex: An octagonal hot tub - indoors; Batman, the Incredible Hulk, and the Little Mermaid in a glass display case; several ceramic Santa Clauses in another glass display case; a room with a piano, pianist, guitar and bass jamming classic rock - I joined in with Elvis and "All Shook Up;" People met: Alex, Lisa, Lela, Jay, Phil, Mitch, Joe, Robert (memory fading); putting my body into the full-lotus yoga position, then standing on my head and turning 360 degrees; many pathways and discoveries, like the board games 'Chutes & Ladders' and 'Clue;' a lot of clocks at the wrong time - one stuck at 4:35 with a second hand unsucessfully jerking to break free from the minute hand. That's a taste, and for me, it was a very good taste. Thank you Alex. See you again soon. As a fellow lover of large company in my domicile, I leave you with a law from the B-Squad rule book: "The best for the guest, but the most for the host." Looking forward to South Sea 22! Ahoy Matees!!
- Mark DeCew , Los Angeles, CA

5/24/2003, 4:09 PM:
Well, if you think you've seen everything and been most everywhere time to step on your brakes and spend an evening at Gemini Manor. Have you ever been in a movie theatre and watched so many previews you forgot for a moment what movie you came to see? Or have you been on hold so long you forgot who you called and got caught up in the music? Well once you enter the Manor you no longer can tell your in a house, or a neighborhood or even Los Angeles for that matter, your so caught up in the ambiance, music and people. It's as if you Alice in Wonderland and if you get lost (which I keep seem to be doing every time I go) nothing looks quite the same. Sometimes it's nice to take some time out of the day and visit Wonderland. Just watch out for the Red Queen :) The Manor is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.
- Serena, Pasadena, CA

4/30/2003, 7:20 PM:
Alex Lehr, Good lord! Twenty years, and now you're a guru? I greatly enjoyed looking at your site, but am still trying to figure out how you did it. You connected your house with another one? Hmmm. Well, I must come out and take a look one day. I was in San Francisco a couple of months ago, but haven't been back to LA in years -- eight, to be exact. Glad to see you're still enjoying life~
- Anne Oscard, Enchanted Valley, OH

4/28/2003, 10:51 AM:
Dear Alex, Thank you for opening your house. I had to leave to early to fully enjoy it all, but will be returning soon. And I would be more than happy to contribute some welding work if ever you need any.
Wisdom is the spirit and the wings of the spirit, Love is the shaggy beast that goes down. All the best, Alex
- Alex, los angeles, ca

4/26/2003, 1:49 PM:
Hi Alex, This is Drew MacEwen, the photographer who came to the friday night event. Thank you so much for having me. I cannot stress enough how in love with the Manor I am. I met several very cool people and had an incredably good time. I look forward to the next event I can attend. thanks, Drew
- Andrew MacEwen, SanBernardino, CA

4/11/2003, 6:47 PM:
Lets see, where to start??? I have been frequenting Gemini for about 6 months. Thus far, it has been a sanctuary for myself and many of my friends. We go to Gemini because it allows us to let go of reality for however long Alex will let us stay (which is usually well into the morning). The people i have met have been above all things, interesting and very kind to me. The atmosphere adds to the feeling of escape from reality and i have experienced many things and learned not only about myself but about the people I have interacted with. If you get a chance to visit The Manor, please do you wont regret it! Sincerely Jennifer DeVries
- Jennifer (aka Thumper), LaMirada, CA

4/11/2003, 4:41 PM:
- michele dina lee, la... but this can change, Ca

4/10/2003, 11:14 PM:
I've been going to Gemini Manor on and off for over ten years. It's a unique place, with unique people -- and I realized recently that it's been responsible for introducing me to most of the people that now make up my social life. It's a "home" in more ways than one!
- P. Mellencamp, Los Angeles, CA

4/10/2003, 11:43 AM:
Gemini Manor is so many things to so many people. It's really worth visiting once just to see it - it's a gas if you like the unusual! But to get the full benefit of what the Manor has to offer, come back a few more times, stay til the late hours, and get to know some of the people that come regularly to make music, meet new people, or just sit and watch. It's easy. It's fun. It's - well, the Gemini Manor!
- AnnaDora, Los Angles, CA

4/10/2003, 8:59 AM:
GM has an ambience that encourages truth, generosity, and authenticity. It allows one to focus not on the hot political issues of the day, but the real engines of human awareness and human progress. It's a place where one can let go, suspended in the arms of a loving community up there on that roof, enchanted by the blazing stars.
- Tad Daley , Baldwin Hills

4/3/2003, 9:44 AM:
When I first started having parties at Gemini Manor in 1977, I quickly realized that something special was happening. The unusual decor and ambience of The Manor allowed people to escape who they were in the outside world. They could have uninhibited fun, let down their guard and say or be anyone. This "warm fuzzy" feeling also opened people up to making many different connections: personal, romantic or business. I personally have experienced many such wonderful connections. I hope this Manor tradition continues for a very long time!
- Alex Lehr, Hollywood, CA

4/2/2003, 8:58 PM:
I have known Alex Lehr for over 20 years, and I have had some wonderful times at various affairs at The Manor. My wife and I met at Gemini Manor and we hold Alex responsible!! ;-)
- Mark Jaffe, Silicon Valley, CA

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