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The Manor is available for Parties, Weddings, Film Shoots and more!

The best way to know about Gemini Manor events is to become a Gemini Manor Member. Only Gemini Manor Members can attend Memberís Only events throughout the year and receive exclusive discounts to Gemini Manor public events. In addition, Only Gemini Manor Members receive discounts and freebies from merchants, businesses and performance events.

A GEMINI MANOR MEMBERSHIP provides you with a very special Magic Card. It's your Personal, Exclusive Pass into a world of Entertaining Private and Public Events. Some are held at the famous Gemini Manor. Others take place all over Southern California. We are a Membership Organization that has been around since the 70's!
Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Complimentary Admittance to all regular MANOR Parties
  2. Discounted Admittance to all MANOR Theme Parties
  3. Complimentary Admittance for one MANOR "Newbie" per party
  4. Discounted Admittance to other, MANOR-Sponsered Events
  5. Invitations to Private, MANOR Events
  6. Free admission to a Private, World-Famous Hollywood Club (2 passes per Membership cycle)
  7. Discounts to Classic Car Cabaret Shows
  8. Information about other Interesting, Non-MANOR Events (via e-mail)
  9. 10% Discount on MANOR Merchandise
  10. Exclusive, MANOR Membership Cards
  11. Satisfaction in Helping Preserve GEMINI MANOR For The Ages!
 Gemini Manor Membership
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1341 N. Mariposa Avenue
Hollywood, Calif. 90027-5809


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